Location Privacy for Android™ TRIAL available at:
Location Privacy for Android™ available at:
Android app on Google Play
"This had to be one of the most creative apps I have reviewed..." -Android Authority, Jan 2012
  • Monitors location setting changes on device for possible privacy leaks
  • Provides replacement locations for your real location to enhance privacy
  • Scans applications on your device and reports those using your location
  • Gives a status view of your "current" location and the policies in force
  • Runs as a resident service that always watches out for location leakage
  • Easy unmasking to use real location when you need it for other apps on device
  • Remote control through SMS allows remote start and stop (useful with phone finders)
Benefits (aka things people have told us):
  • "I'm a VIP and with PlaceMask, I can rest assured that my location is not being left all over the Internet."
  • "Our staff are involved in sensitive operations. With PlaceMask, we worry much less about location profiling of their activities."
  • "I had no idea all those apps use my location. PlaceMask gives me a concise report of what apps want to locate me."
  • "I am concerned that my daughter has a cell phone and her location can be tracked. PlaceMask gives me some peace of mind."
  • "I signed up to share my location with friends but I have so many apps to turn off when I want to 'leave the grid.' PlaceMask lets me do it all at once."
  • "I can never remember which apps I have allowed to see my location. PlaceMask provides a central point of control and warns me if an app is attempting to access my location."
  • "I don't mind add sponsored software, but do they need my location. PlaceMask fakes out those consumer marketers."
  • "Hah, using PlaceMask I just checked in to a coffee shop in Korea and I am on the other side of the world."
  • "I just need a little me time without my parents tracking my every move. With PlaceMask, I can go where I want when I want."
  • "I am planning a trip to Hawaii and using PlaceMask with Wikitude, I can really get a sense of everything I can experience."