Privacy Policy

PLACEMASK LOCATION PRIVACY is in the privacy business and it is our number one priority. We are committed to respecting the privacy of individuals and we recognize the need of people with whom we do business to have appropriate controls and protection of any Personal Information that you agree to provide us.
Our Privacy Policy includes the following guidelines on the collection, storage, use and retention of your Personal Information:
COLLECTION: We only collect personal information about individuals (customers, suppliers, employees, etc) in order to better manage our business. We will make all reasonable efforts to fully inform such individuals about the planned use of that information. We will limit the collection and use of personal information to that required for valid business purposes or to comply with legislation. With respect to our products, the only personal information collected is the location of the device on which the software is installed, which may be linked to your personal location. The information is collected anonymously and is not transmitted off the device on which it was collected.
ACCURACY: We will make every reasonable effort to ensure that the personal information we collect and use is accurate and complete. Individuals providing personal information will have the opportunity to review and correct their personal information, and on written request by an individual to whom the information relates, we will modify the information as required so long as we have legitimate access to it. With respect to our products, the accuracy of your personal location is determined by sensors beyond our control and, indeed, it is the intent of our offering to alter the accuracy in ways to protect your privacy.
STORAGE: We will store personal information using hard copy and/or electronic means in such a way as to prevent unauthorized collection, access, use, disclosure or disposal of the personal information. With respect to our products, we do not store your personal location. We may store places that you decide to save which could be coincident with your location at times, but we do not move those places off device.
RETENTION: We retain personal information for as little time as required by the laws under which we operate. This period may be related to legislation other than PIPEDA (e.g., Employment Standards). With respect to our products, we do not retain your personal location. While some places that you may save could be coincident with a personal location, we provide a mechanism for you to erase these locations at any time.
DISCLOSURE: We will not disclose personal information unnecessarily to employees or any third party, unless the affected individual consents. With respect to our products, we do not transmit your personal location information.
ACCESS: We promote the individual’s right of access to personal information about themselves. We will provide access to information upon request. Access will be provided according to established procedures. With respect to our products, your personal location will be available for display if and when the software collects it.
In addition to the direct care that PLACEMASK LOCATION PRIVACY takes, we are also working with our partner organizations (e.g. Google Play) that may, at some point, handle personal information gathered by us in the course of their relationship with and service to us. We have aligned our privacy policy with each third party partner to meet our standards of privacy, confidentiality, and security. All Employees and third party staff who in any way handle or manage Personal Information have acknowledged and agreed to adhere to this Privacy Policy, or one in alignment with this Privacy Policy, and the procedures that support it. Please note that the processing of all financial transactions, and the personal information associated with those transactions, is handled by our third party partners under the terms of their privacy policies (e.g. Google Play).

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