PlaceMask is focused on developing technology to support Location Privacy and Location Security.
We are awakening people to the casual way in which freedom is lost. Through small disclosures of their digital footprint over time, an individual loses control of their personal information and their privacy is threatened. At PlaceMask, we consider individual location an important piece of personal information that requires protection from the digitally over-burdened who simply do not have time to manage its exposure on their own, from the digitally over-zealous who seek to exploit it for commercial purposes, from the digitally over-empowered who aim to misuse it without appropriate oversight, and even from the covertly malicious who want to own your digital identity.
We are supplying the market place with low cost enablers of location privacy on consumer-focused mobile platforms and we are also bringing richer location security controls to the enterprise in order to protect against data loss in secure work areas.